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Practical Informations

Admissions: prerequisites


To be admitted in (second year of) FME Master

The Master's degree in Fluid Mechanics and Energetics is a highly competitive academic program (duration: one year, M2 level).

Applicants selection is done on the basis of prior academic and/or scientific achievement as documented by academic transcripts, a cover letter, references, and standardized test scores. Students from countries where English language is not the primary language are required to provide TOEFL test scores. To get master degree, admitted students must obtain the certified level B2.

For students with a foreign degree, their registration is definitely authorised by the Commitee for Academic Accreditation at Grenoble university (CVA). Several meetings are organised several times a year (February, March, April, May, June) to select applications from abroad.
You are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Admission criteria

The selection of applicants is based on the following criteria:
  • Administrative rules mentioned above.
  • Quality of academic profile established on the scores obtained during previous years, especially the ones which help to quantify the discipline-specific prerequisites: fluid mechanics, thermal sciences, chemical engineering, mechanics...



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